anne ten donkelaar 6

Gorgeous Underwater Installation Of Dancing Flowers By Anne Ten Donkelaar

Dutch artist Anne Ten Donkelaar is famous for her beautiful botanical constructions (previous here), but the latest one has us all gasping in amazement. It's called the "Underwater Ballet" and it's a spectacle of flowers and air bubbles, dancing to a choreography only the purest of souls could have created. A ballet that needs no music. Enjoy!
irakli nadar 9

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Portraits By Irakli Nadar

We have seen our share of hyper-realistic works around here, but nothing quite like these. They are the work of Georgian artist Irakli Nadar, and are in fact digital paintings. Yepp, no need to go around buying fancy brushes and paints, all you need you have it
cayce zavaglia 9

Amazing Embroideries That Look Like Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Cayce Zavaglia is a painter. Aside from the usual gouaches and acrylic paints, she creates these amazing portraits by sewing with cotton and silk thread or crewel embroidery wool. She developed her own technique where she uses these materials to create
caitlin mccormack

Macabre Crochet Sculptures By Caitlin McCormack

Some say they’re creepy, eerie, macabre. I say they’re creative, delicate, and sweet.  Using a crochet, string, and glue, South Philadelphia based artist Caitlin McCormack creates these amazing tiny sculptures representing animal remains and body
upside-down house 3

Upside-down Painted House By Ray Bartkus

Next time you’re in Marijampolė, Lithuania, be sure to check out this amazing house. Painted by Lithuanian American artist Ray Bartkus, the house reflects in the water revealing this amazing painting. Not heading to Lithuania? Well then, just enjoy the
clare pentlow 7

Beautiful Paper Art By Clare Pentlow

I find paper incredibly difficult to work with, so to me it’s truly amazing each time I see this kind of art. These magnificent paper sculptures are created by Clare Pentlow. The colorful pieces look like flowers in full bloom and are given depth and
Romania, Land of Fairy Tales, Photo and caption by Eduard Gutescu
White frost over Pestera village, Brasov

National Geographic Traveler Contest 2015

Just in case you were wondering where to head to, here are some of the winning photographs from National Geographic Traveler Contest to help you make up your mind.